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Global Community College is dedicated to helping schools, colleges, universities and other public agencies prepare for a crisis before the inevitable happens with our school emergency management programs.


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Our school emergency management services and training techniques are honed from decades of real world experience. And our staff represent a broad spectrum of internationally recognized emergency management education and training leaders. Many of our consultants are multilingual and offer intercultural expertise.

Our goal is to make sure everyone in your organization is equipped with best school emergency management practices emergency preparedness techniques so that the welfare of individuals is enhanced and the damage to property minimized.

We can provide both on-site and distance learning programs to accommodate local and globally distributed personnel. The GCC Consulting Group will guide you and your staff through a comprehensive discovery, development and training process to make sure that when your organization faces a crisis, you’ll be prepared.

History of GCC

History of GCC

Since 1992, Global Community College, Inc.(GCC), a non-profit 501(c) California corporation, has been offering innovative business and organizational development programs to institutions, agencies and governments. Originally established as an international consulting organization, GCC can work on a global scale to identify opportunities and challenges quickly and produce targeted, cost-effective results.

In 1993, GCC established the Global Community College and University Consortium (GCCU) which pioneered international collaboration between 46 institutions of higher education in order to deliver intercultural business education programs both onsite and online.

Between 1983 and 2004, GCC established the World Trade Institute of San Francisco, an organization comprised of GCC and GCCU consultants and staff. The institute led business and education missions overseas and was successful in developing collaboration agreements with institutions and agencies in China, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. GCC’s specialized Travel Study programs offered clients more than 40 unique development missions to these emerging nations.

In 2007, GCC decided to leverage its expansive emergency management knowledge base and focus exclusively on promoting emergency management, preparedness and sustainability education. GCC now works with schools, districts, colleges, universities, public agencies, governments, NGOs and corporations to assess risks, deliver a full range of preparedness services and manage related projects.

GCC recognizes the links between mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and community sustainability; we have established strategic partnerships with organizations who share our commitment to emergency management and environmental education. This interdisciplinary and integrated approach ensures our clients proven results and value.

We invite you to contact us for an initial management level assessment.